Saturday, November 21, 2009

Somalia: women chastised for wearing a bra

In the Somali capital Mogadishu a few women have been chastised for wearing a bra. Bras are forbidden by Al-Shabab, the African wing of Al-Qaida, who has power in major parts of Somalia.

The women had to take off their bras first, then shake their breasts and after that they were chastised with a whip.

The islamists introduced a new veil, that has been made hard with starch, so that it's easy to see if women wear a bra or not. The islamists state that a woman should either have big breasts, or no breasts at all.

During the anti-bra action one man was said to be arrested because he wanted to prevent that his sister had to take off her bra.

Also, several men were being lashed because they didn't have a beard. The islamists have forbidden movies, ringtones, dancing at marriages and soccer before.

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